Green The Team

A staff benefit program providing a cheap way for your staff to offset their home electricity usage with renewables.

79% of Iberdrola Australia staff go green at home

At Iberdrola Australia, we are leading Australia to a clean future, today. Our staff believe deeply in what we’re doing, that’s why they offset their own electricity consumption at home using renewable energy certificates from Iberdrola Australia. Now we're excited to offer this popular program to other employers.

The Benefits

Live your values together

At home and at work, sustainability matters to staff. Green the Team offers a practical way for organisations to participate in a sustainability initiative together and unify staff around a common goal.

Cheaper green alternative

With Green the Team you can help your staff access prices for renewables usually only available to businesses. And by sharing half the cost with them you can be confident they're getting a great offer.

High quality renewables

Iberdrola Australia sources renewable energy certificates from its own portfolio of high quality, large scale Australian renewable energy generators and ensures that each renewable energy certificate is matched to the period in which the emissions occur.

How it works


Staff are offered the opportunity to offset their home electricity use using renewable energy certificates (with no change to their current retailer).


Staff who opt in nominate the amount of electricity they expect to use in the coming year to be offset using renewable energy certificates. Half the cost is deducted from their salary. Half the cost is contributed by their employer.


Iberdrola Australia voluntarily surrenders the total amount of renewable energy certificates nominated by all staff.

Why Iberdrola Australia?

We maximise engagement

Staff engagement takes work! Iberdrola Australia helps with staff engagement including in-office activations and marketing collateral to maximise participation.

We make it easy

Iberdrola Australia provides all the tools and support you need for end-to-end administration of the scheme to make it easy for organisations to bring benefits to staff without the overhead.

We're aligned

Iberdrola is one of the world's largest renewable energy providers and our staff feel good about what we do. Your organisation can feel good about participating with us too.