Swinburne University of Technology goes green

Swinburne University of Technology has drastically reduced its carbon footprint through a 100 per cent renewable electricity deal with Iberdrola Australia.

Hear more, directly from Swinburne:

"At Swinburne, sustainability is an important principle guiding the work we do. It is embedded across the university as we seek to ensure a sustainable future.  

In June 2018, Swinburne became a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are designed to end poverty, fight inequality and justice, protect the environment and address climate change.   

In line with our SDGs and as part of our sustainability strategy, Swinburne has committed to be carbon neutral by 2025. Our Net Zero 2025 Pathway outlines the different initiatives that will help us reach this goal.  

As part of this commitment to carbon neutrality, Swinburne partnered with Infigen Energy to procure 100 per cent renewable electricity across our Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna campuses. As of 1 July 2020, all of Swinburne’s campuses have been running on 100 per cent renewable electricity. As emissions from our electricity represent over 70 per cent of our total emissions, this move has drastically reduced Swinburne’s carbon emissions footprint.  

Besides embedding sustainability practices in our operations, our research community is dedicated to decoupling economic growth from the accelerated use of materials.  

Through sustainability research, we’re looking for new ways to enable industry and the community to reduce carbon footprints. This is being conducted through some of our key research hubs such as: 

Sustainability concepts are progressively being established within the curriculum in all disciplines, in the design and construction of our on-campus environment, and in how we manage our campuses. "

Schwartz Family Co leads the way in sustainability

The Schwartz Family Company (SFC) is the largest private investor of Hotels in Australia (14 Hotels, including 3 resorts) and are leading the way in sustainability by keeping it simple, being energy conscious and kind to the environment with an ambition to be 100% renewable by 2025

Hear more, directly from Schwartz:

"For Schwartz Family Co (SFC), sustainability is taken as a holistic approach of operating. Since 2010, SFC have focused on energy efficient projects at the Hotels such as LED light replacement, energy efficient air-conditioning chillers, installation of variable speed drives on motors and pumps, installation of gas fired cogeneration plants and recently on-site solar PV projects. The cogeneration units also provide waste heat that is utilised for heating hotel pools and children’s playpark water.

SFC have installed solar PV on top of Hotels and Resorts and most recently the biggest project to date - a 5MW solar farm in the Hunter Valley, adjacent to their Crowne Plaza Hotel. The energy produced by the Lovedale solar farm powers a number of SFC’s sites – the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, Hunter Valley Conference & Events Centre and Sydney Brewery. Surplus electricity contributes to powering SFC’s other hotels across New South Wales, made possible with the deal with Iberdrola Australia.


Following on from the installation of the Lovedale solar farm 1, SFC have another 5MW solar farm currently pending development approval also located in the Hunter Valley (Lovedale solar far 2), which will help in SFC achieving their 100% renewables ambition by 2025.

SFC key staff sit as a major member with the City of Sydney with their partnership program “Making Sydney a sustainable destination”. All of SFC Hotels have a NABERS rating to enable the Hotels to have a benchmark to better their energy efficiency (most SFC Hotels have at 4 to 4.5 stars rating).

The Schwartz Family Company (SFC) have teamed up with Iberdrola Australia for an innovative energy partnership, ensuring SFC’s Australian hotel portfolio is backed by reliable, clean and affordable energy.  SFC are a leader in the space of customer-generated renewable power, and the agreement with Iberdrola Australia allows revenue generated from the Lovedale Solar Farm to be netted off from each hotel’s monthly invoice. The concept demonstrates that an environmentally focused approach at the top can result in cost savings all the way down to each individual site.