Cherry Tree Wind Farm

57.6 MW

Nameplate capacity


Number of turbines 


Number of homes powered

Cherry Tree Wind Farm is located near Seymour, Victoria in the area originally inhabited by the Taungurung people. Atmos Renewables own the project. Iberdrola Australia managed the development and construction of the project. Once the wind farm is complete Iberdrola Australia will operate the wind farm and purchase 100% of the electricity generated. 

The wind farm is currently under construction and will be commissioned in Autumn 2020.  Once operational the 57.6 MW wind farm will comprise 16 Vestas V136 wind turbines and generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 37,000 homes each year.

The team have already been involved in several local community initiatives through sponsorship of the Seymour Show, Seymour Performers Workshop, Seymour District Arts Society – Art Beyond the Divide, Trawool CFA, Seymour FM community radio, Tallarook Primary School, Friends of Tallarook Pool and Tallarook Cricket Club. The project team sponsored and attended a stall at the Seymour Show, the day was a great success with plenty of positive feedback from the community.

Cherry Tree wind farm will establish a long-term Community Benefit Fund (CBF). This commitment will ensure that $25,000 is made available to the local community each year, for the first 25 years of the operation of the wind farm. Details of the process to apply for the CBF will be made available in the first half of 2020 and applications will open once the wind farm construction is complete and the wind farm has moved into its operations phase.

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