Analyse Our Electricity Generation

The interactive chart below shows Iberdrola Australia's historical production figures.

All figures are unaudited.

Electricity Generation Sold

This reflects electricity generation after the application of marginal loss factors. Iberdrola Australia receives revenue based on its sold generation.

LGC Creation

LGC creation reflects the notional number of Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) produced by Iberdrola Australia's portfolio. Please note Iberdrola Australia creates LGCs at all its owned renewable energy assets. Iberdrola Australia acquires LGCs from several, but not all, its contracted renewable energy assets.

Electricity Generation Gross

Electricity Generation Gross reflects electricity production before the application of loss factors. Iberdrola Australia's electricity sales are based on electricity sold after loss factors.


Total: 346 GWh

*Total reflects all assets for specified time period.