Capital 2 Wind Farm

The proposed Capital 2 Wind Farm is located near Bungendore in New South Wales and would be co-located with the existing Capital and Woodlawn Wind Farms. The proposed 143.5 MW wind farm will comprise 41 wind turbines which will generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 85,400 homes each year.

Development Approval for the project was granted in 2011.  A Staging Plan (under Condition A13 of the Development Approval) was lodged with the DPIE in March 2018.

The Capital 2 Community Consultative Committee will be established prior to commencement of construction of the wind farm.  

A Community Fund will be payable as a Development Contribution once the project commences construction. This was agreed with Palerang Council via a Voluntary Planning Agreement in 2014 and commits to a contribution of $20,000 per wind turbine to be installed at Capital 2 Wind Farm. The Development Contribution will be payable in 3 stages once construction commences and the distribution of funds will be managed by Palerang Council.

Forsayth Wind Farm

The proposed Forsayth Wind Farm project is located on Ewamian land in the Newcastle Range in far North Queensland, 45 km south east of Georgetown and 5 km east of Forsayth. The project received Development Approval from Etheridge Shire Council in 2014. Development activities are ongoing.

Kingswood Battery

The proposed Kingswood Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is located in rural NSW, approximately 6km southeast of Tamworth.

Once built the Kingswood Battery will have a capacity of around 270 megawatts (MW).

The project is currently preparing its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as part of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment Development Approval process.

Mount James Wind Farm

The proposed Mount James Wind Farm project is being co-developed by Iberdrola Australia and is located in North Queensland’s Porcupine region, approximately 80 km north of Hughenden, along the western edge of the Great Dividing Range. It will have up to 1,000 MW of installed capacity and is in the North Queensland Renewable Energy Zone, the largest renewable energy zone in Australia.

The recent Queensland government announcement of the Copperstring 2032 project to construct a 1,100 km high-voltage electricity transmission line from Townsville to Mount Isa combined with North Queensland’s abundant wind resources makes it ideal for renewable energy generation. This region will play an important role in meeting the Queensland government’s economic decarbonisation target of 80% renewable energy by 2035 and Iberdrola Australia are proud to be involved.

This project demonstrates Iberdrola Australia’s commitment to the Queensland market and the growth of renewable energy around the country. The development will be approached in stages as Queensland is transformed to facilitate for greater renewable energy transmission. 

Smithfield Battery

The proposed Smithfield Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is located on Darug land in Western Sydney, NSW.  

The proposed BESS is a 72MW battery and is proposed to be co-located with our existing operational Smithfield Open Cycle Gas Turbine gas peaker.

The project is currently under development.

Woakwine Wind Farm

The proposed Woakwine Wind Farm is located along the same ridgeline as Iberdrola Australia's Lake Bonney Wind Farm. The proposed 274 MW wind farm will comprise up to 76 wind turbines which will generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 163,200 homes each year. 

Development Approval for the project was granted in 2012 by Wattle Range Council under the Development Act 1993.