Build Green Energy Solutions

Looking to lower your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills and have more control over your energy consumption?

Our dedicated smart solutions team provides a range of behind the meter and smart solutions products for commercial and industrial customers. Their innovative solutions have, on several occasions, won the Clean Energy Council design award.

Behind the meter generation solutions include roof mounted solar, ground mounted solar and solar car parks, along with our innovative "solar trees". We also provide demand response, storage (battery), energy efficiency and e-mobility solutions.

Coupling these behind the meter solutions with one of our green energy retail plans will enable you to optimise your energy bills, have provenance and control over your green energy supply, and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

1. Solar Roof Top

The most common and cheapest form of solar.

Roof top systems utilise dead roof space that is often abundantly available and out of sight.

The main benefit for customers is reducing their operational energy costs. Having an energy saving asset increases property owners asset value.

Our in house and on-shore engineers will design a quality solar system to your needs, budget and roof space. We optimise to ensure that your system will perform and generate maximum returns for you over the expected 25 year life.

2. Solar Car Park

Multi-functional utility that combines shading, weather protection, power generation and even water management. Car park systems have a high visual impact for site users and it is a clear demonstration of your commitment to sustainability.

Car park owners can increase the functionality and value of their parking spaces by combining EV charging facilities with their solar car park.

Our in-house engineering and project management team have a proven track record of designing and delivering the most innovative solar car parks in the country over the past decade with some of Australia’s largest organisations.

3. Solar Ground Mount

Best efficiency for the utilisation of the suns power when combined with tilt & tracker technology. Ground mounted systems utilise dead space on undesirable land such as flood plains and waste sites.

Although the installations of these arrays are the most simple and efficient forms of solar, there are often complexities with the connections and civil works that require experience to overcome.

Our engineering and project management team have partnered with our supply chain to successfully deliver multiple ground mount installations across the country.

4. Battery Storage & Demand Management

Batteries can enable clients store energy from their solar systems for use during non-sunlight hours.
These systems also suit customers with exposure to the spot market and those with energy supply risks.

The integration of batteries, solar and other power sources with demand management technology is a complex and intricate undertaking.

With our engineering and project management team we have established partnerships with our supply chain with whom we have successfully delivered one of the most complicated systems in the country.

5. eMobility

EV charging infrastructure is an important step in decarbonising Australia’s road network.

Adding EV charging to your premises provides the facility to support you to electrifying your fleet as well as your customers and your staff with their electrification journey.

This utility can increase footfall in retail locations and increase the time spent around your premises.

We install and manage your EV charging infrastructure. Combine with solar to ensure your users are charging with green energy.

6. Energy Efficiency Upgrades

This is the easiest way to save money and reduce your energy consumption while improving your green ratings.

Energy efficiency lighting upgrades usually have the shortest payback out of all of our products.

Customers across all sectors benefit from this product and with government incentives it is accessible to all businesses.

Our team have delivered multiple national roll outs across the country with some of Australia most well known brands.

7. Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind in the management of any smart energy solution.

Iberdrola Australia Smart Energy Solutions Pty Ltd’s integrated management systems are certified to the following internationally recognised standards: ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, and ISO 45001 Safety Management.

Annual external and internal audits and quality assurance processes give you peace of mind.

Download a copy of our Integrated Management System Policy Statement here.